The Game

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

You cannot win. This is the primary rule. That simple. Krsna holds all the cards. Oddly enough, He wants you to win. The only opponent is you.

I didn’t make this game up. I walked into it. So did you. So did everyone else. The only difference is this. I know I’m playing. I know the outcome. I know the ultimate outcome. And I know the enemy. I see him every day, smiling back at me from the other side of the mirror. He is me, or at least he/I/we think he is. In truth, he is a false identity, a conditioned simulacra. And he knows. He knows every weakness, every vulnerable spot, every need, every hunger, every addiction, every fear, every silent scream of rage and frustration that never seems to end, and he knows how to fix it, to make it better. Because all he wants, the face in the mirror, is for me to be happy. No matter what.

Even if it kills me.

So which way shall I run?

Some days I am not so sure.

This is a story about Nathan.

To be continued?


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